One person is dead and another is in hospital after a severe crash that involved a stolen car.

Surrey RCMP said the collision happened around 10:30 on Saturday night. Officers were conducting a curfew check about a block and a half away from the corner of 128 Street and 68 Avenue when they heard the crash.

According to witnesses, a car that was driving through a green light collided with a car that ran a red light, said officer Dan Splinter with Surrey RCMP.

“”The vehicle that went though the red light spun into a light standard, and it broke into two pieces,” he said. “The second piece came to rest against a house at 68A Avenue, so there was quite a bit of speed involved.”

Splinter said both occupants of the car that sped through the red light were ejected from the car. Police have confirmed that the car was a stolen vehicle.

Splinter also said it is not clear whether the two occupants were wearing seatbelts, but he said it may not have made a difference given the speed involved.

The occupants of the other car are recovering from minor injuries.