Sumeet Randhawa's killer waited inside a black SUV for around 20 minutes before stepping outside and opening fire on the 30-year-old gang associate, according to a witness. 

Surrey resident Mike Andrews told CTV News he observed the SUV Thursday afternoon from his sundeck, just down the road from the 130th Street shooting scene.

He wasn't watching when the shots rang out, but ran outside to see Randhawa, the son of one of his neighbours, bleeding on the ground.

"The guy is dead on the sidewalk," Andrews said. "Then the (shooter) ran back to the SUV, got in it and then he went down north."

Chillingly, Andrews told CTV News he saw the same SUV return to the scene shortly after.

"Two or three minutes later he came back and drove past to make sure he got him, then he took off," Andrews said. "Crazy."

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, which was called to lead the case on Thursday, has confirmed few details about what happened. No official suspect or vehicle description has been released.

But IHIT has confirmed that Randhawa was known to law enforcement, and that his killing appears to be targeted.

"He is believed to be involved in the Lower Mainland gang conflict," Det. Lara Jansen said Thursday.

The same residential neighbourhood was also the scene of a drive-by shooting back in May 2014, when bullets struck a nearby house that was fortunately empty at the time. Authorities said they found evidence that drugs had been sold at the property.

With files from CTV Vancouver's Breanna Karstens-Smith