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'She's just fun:' Woman celebrates 111th birthday in Vancouver


At 111 years old, Merle Millicent Romney O'Hara can still make every day amazing—according to her beloved caretaker at Vancouver's Haro Park Centre.

“She’s just fun, she’s like a child,” Robert told CTV Vancouver’s Mike McCardell on Feb. 20—the supercentenarian’s birthday. 

A huge birthday card was filled with well wishes for Merle, and on display in the common space of the care centre in Vancouver’s West End.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even sent Merle a birthday note, according to the senior’s personal Instagram account.

“It is a great pleasure to send you best wishes and warmest congratulations on the occasion of your one hundred and eleventh birthday,” the official letter from Trudeau reads.

Merle was not born in Canada—her life began in Kingston, Jamaica in 1912, the same year the Titanic sunk. Merle and her husband moved to B.C. after their daughter Bridget's wedding. Both women's husbands have died, but 85-year-old Bridget lives at the same care home as her mother, making Family Day and birthday celebrations easy for the pair. 

According to publicly available information online, O'Hara is one of the five oldest living people in Canada. Top Stories


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