It has been nearly two years since a popular Surrey, B.C., school teacher was murdered.

Her husband has yet to stand trial for her killing.  Now, her brother-in law is suing nearly two dozen people, including the RCMP.

Manjit Panghali was a proud mother and a popular grade one teacher. When she disappeared, her husband pleaded for her safe return.

Her burned body was discovered in Delta, a Vancouver suburb. Her husband--Mukhtiar Panghali--was later charged with murder. His trial is set for next April.

Neighbours reported there was trouble in the family, tension between Manjit and her brother in-law Sukhvinder.

"They kicked the brother in law out and she was like I get my own house back,'' a neighbour said.

Now Sukhvinder has filed a statement of claim in BC Supreme Court seeking damages from the RCMP for having violated the privacy of the plaintiff willfully, and without a claim of right, on or about September 6, 2006, contrary to the provisions of the Privacy Act, and for disclosing to Manjit Panghali personal private information of the plaintiff. "

Sukhvinder Panghali is seeking damages from 22 people and agencies including:

  • The Vancouver International Airport (for revoking his security clearance).
  • Crown counsel (for malicious prosecution).
  • Former employers
  • Several RCMP officers

He claims he was wrongfully arrested and falsely imprisoned.

Sukhvinder was also charged in connection with his sister-in-law's murder, but those charges were stayed.

The statement of claim sheds more light on the trouble in the Panghali household in the weeks before Manjit was killed.

At the time, her brother-in-law was charged with harassing another woman and some of that information may have been passed along to Manjit.

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Carrie Stefanson.