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'Pure love': Emaciated dog found confined in crate gets adopted

Baxter is pictured relaxing in his new home. (Image credit: BCSPCA) Baxter is pictured relaxing in his new home. (Image credit: BCSPCA)

In a happy ending to a “heartbreaking” story, a dog that was found confined to a crate in a dark basement in northern B.C. has been adopted, the BC SPCA announced.

Luffy, renamed Baxter by his new owners, was extremely emaciated when animal protection officers found him in the crate late last year with no food or water nearby. It’s unknown how long the dog was in those terrible living conditions, according to the organization.

The two-year-old pitt bull was taken to the BC SPCA’s North Cariboo shelter in Prince George, where he was put on a vet-supervised feeding plan to gain weight. Staff also worked with Baxter to help him build trust.

Baxter is pictured after he was taken in to care. (Image credit: BCSPCA) The dog was later transferred to the charity’s Vancouver location, where he often greeted visitors at the front desk.

“This sweet boy who adores people and loves to learn was waiting for his chance to find a loving forever home. He didn’t have to wait long,” the BC SPCA wrote in a media release earlier this month.

Baxter found a family with Linda and her partner, who were looking for a new dog one year after losing their beloved terrier mix.

“We had been searching the BC SPCA’s website for adoptable dogs. When I saw (his) face, I immediately fell in love with him,” said Linda in the release. The couple went to meet him the next day.

“(Baxter) didn’t hesitate to lean in for some loving pets,” she said. “I didn’t have all the details, but I knew (he) had some trauma in his past. I couldn’t believe how peaceful he was given what he had been through. He had the kindest eyes and seemed very soulful.”

Linda added the pup has a heart-shaped patch on his nose and side, saying “he is just pure love.”

Now in his forever home, Linda and her partner are still working with a veterinarian to help Baxter gain weight. He gets fed four times a day and enjoys treats, soft food and “gets super excited” for kibble.

“He was a little reserved the first couple of days, but his silly side came out in no time,” said Linda. “He is a huge fan of his new toys and he loves to grab one of his stuffies and run around the house and yard with it.”

“Baxter is an amazing dog. He has already brought us so much joy and we hope to do the same for him,” Linda continued. “It is so great to have a dog back in our home.” Top Stories

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