Giving birth to her twin boys just 28 weeks into her pregnancy was a frightening experience for Fia Dionne.

Baby Arthur weighed less than 2.5 pounds when he came into the world on Feb. 17, and his brother Simon arrived two minutes later weighing just 1.5 pounds.

“The delivery itself was so scary,” Fia said. “They were so small.”

But thanks to the miracle workers at the B.C. Women’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – the twins’ home for the first months of their lives – both boys have been given a fighting chance.

Their grateful dad, Mark Dionne, said the dedicated staff has felt like “an extension of our family.”

“It helps us sleep at night, definitely, knowing we have an amazing hospital with such good people to look after our babies,” he said.

Mark met Fia online less than two years ago. When they saw each other in person, Mark said it was love at first sight.

“[I thought] wow, I’m going to marry this woman,” he said.

“It was just an instant connection,” Fia added. “And we’ve spent every single day together ever since.”

Their first attempt to start a family ended with a miscarriage when Fia was three months pregnant. This time around, she felt fine, until an ultrasound revealed an issue at 25 weeks.

The boys were delivered just three weeks later.

It was a worrying time for the family, but one made much easier by people like Connie Che, a bedside nurse.

“In the NICU, we help family. That’s really important,” Che said. “Not only baby, not only parents… everyone.”

Now, the hospital is happy to report the twins are growing.

“They both love to eat,” Che said. “They want to fight a lot, too.”

Baby Arthur was discharged in late April, but Simon will need to remain in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for another month or so. Their parents said they’re looking forward to having their whole family home soon.

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With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Scott Hurst