If the snow is melting in southwestern B.C. then there must be potholes.

That's the message coming from the people responsible for filling them up.

The City of Vancouver currently has six trucks and crews out on pothole duty.

Murray Wightman, the City of Vancouver's manager of street operations, said they were being kept busy by calls from members of the public.

Overall, he said it was not a bad year.

"We've not been dealing with a horrendous number yet, and we don't foresee that we will," he said.

Wightman said the City did not yet have an exact number of the potholes, but he said the warmer weather has made it easier than in the past.

"The last real bad time was in 1996... there was freezing snow, and thawing and freezing again. This year it could have been a lot worse. The gradual thawing has worked in our favour."

But he added that if temperatures plunge the pothole situation is likely to get much worse.

Dave Chapman, from the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA), says drivers need to think about the careful avoidance of potholes because a direct hit can cause lasting damage to a vehicle.

"Tires, wheels, front suspension and alignment can all be affected by hitting a pot-hole,'' he said.

Do you have potholes where you live that you think everyone should know about? Or do you want to see where the worst are? Try using our pothole map link to list your potholes or find out what's been listed so far.