The College of Pharmacists of BC is calling for a ban on loyalty points like Air Miles for prescription drug sales.

The regulatory body has put forth a bylaw revision proposal that would prevent people from collecting the points while purchasing the drugs at pharmacies.

A similar proposal was made in November by the Alberta College of Pharmacists, but a decision was delayed due to the volume of feedback received in response.

In B.C., Safeway and Air Miles are leading the fight against the proposal, arguing that the programs aren’t hurting anybody.

“I believe it’s a win-win situation,” said Safeway pharmacist Elsie Lee. “We have the same customers come back and it adds to the adherence of their medication program, as well as the store benefits.”

The College of Pharmacists said it’s an issue of safety, and that some people make decisions based on the number of points they get rather than on their health care needs.

Lee disagrees. “So far there has been no evidence that the rewarding of loyalty points would affect patient care in any way,” she said.

The Minister of Health will make the final decision on whether to pass the proposal after collecting public feedback. Comments can be made until Dec. 28.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Ed Watson