Vancouver Coastal Health says a person has died from Listeria in connection with a food poisoning outbreak at a Richmond grocery store.

The health agency issued a warning Friday advising consumers not to consume any produce, ready-to-eat or raw foods from Foody World.

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Six people have been hospitalized after becoming ill, but this is the first death recorded amid the outbreak.

The person's identity has not been released due to privacy rules, and it's unclear what foods they consumed.

The outbreak centres on a kitchen in the grocery store where deli and other items are prepared.

"It's everything from produce to baked goods to ready-to-eat meat products, to BBQ pork to sushi – so these are all potentially contaminated items," said spokesperson Gavin Wilson.

Wilson said "undoubtedly" other people have contracted food poisoning, but the symptoms – including vomiting, headache and diarrhea -- may not have been severe enough to seek medical attention.

"Most likely these people would suffer through it without seeing a doctor," he told CTV Vancouver.

Anyone who has purchased ready-to-eat foods, bakery products and produce from the Richmond store since July is advised to throw them out.

People who are elderly, pregnant, very young or have compromised immune systems are particularly susceptible to Listeriosis.

The health agency says anyone who believes they have an infection from listeria should see their doctor for testing and treatment.

Foody World has been closed by health inspectors and is not expected to reopen until safety standards are met.