Vancouver parents are frustrated by the school board's plan for what to do with students as their school undergoes seismic upgrades.

The children enrolled at Edith Cavell Elementary, located in the Cambie Corridor, will be split up and shuttled to schools on the city's east side when construction begins.

Parents worried about the plan attended the new Vancouver School Board's inaugural meeting Monday night wearing red in solidarity. Many brought their children along, and the meeting was so full some stood at the back.

"Our students will be split into two different schools, and this provides undue hardship for the families and the community which they are looking at," mother Jenny Harris said.

Another person in attendance said he was disappointed the board didn't get feedback from those affected.

"It's important that it's done right," Derek Knoechel told CTV outside of the board's office.

"We're aware with other seismic projects across the city there has been consultation with parents and other groups. We haven't seen any of that in this case."

The relocation plan was not discussed at the meeting, but the board did plan to speak with parents on Tuesday.