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'Our vet bills are insane': VOKRA inundated with cats and kittens rescued from hoarder

Vancouver -

Volunteers at the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association already have their hands full with kitten season in full swing – but they just got fuller.

The organization was recently inundated with almost two dozens kittens and cats, some of them pregnant, that were rescued from a hoarding situation, pushing their resources to the brink.

“We had to just sit here and comb all day getting the fleas out. Fleas were jumping directly on them, it was horrifying, actually,” said Karen Duncan, co-founder of VOKRA.

The first few weeks of life for those baby kittens were less than ideal, but luckily, they’re in good hands now.

“Giving them lots of vitamins and lots of food – they were starved as well,” said Duncan.

They were saved just in time too, given the state they were in.

“The kittens wouldn’t have lived I don’t think another day because they were so depleted. They’re so tiny,” said Duncan.

Kittens in need are all part of the day-to-day at VOKRA. Currently, the organization has about 400 felines in its care.

It is especially busy in the spring and summer months, also known as kitten season.

“Every day there have been cats coming in and out of the building constantly,” said Jill Morisset, VOKRA rescue centre manager.

This latest influx added with the persistent need this time of year is putting a strain on already limited resources.

“Our vet bills are insane," said Duncan. "They are really up this year and of course we aren’t able to do a lot of fundraising."

“People just don’t have as much to give I think everybody has been stretched quite thin this year and there are a lot more people reaching out for help,” said Morisset.

Their phones are ringing daily, partly because the pandemic has meant decreased access to veterinary care for some pet owners.

“It's been a tough year for everybody. People have not been getting access to veterinary care – maybe they can't afford it – and cats are not getting fixed right now,” said Morisset

“Cats are being dumped, kittens are being dumped. It's pretty horrific this year,” said Duncan.

Two brother kittens were the latest example.

“They were just screaming their little heads off in the blackberry bushes its pretty obvious that someone just dumped them there to be a little coyote snack, which is horrible,” said Morrisset.

Duncan said monetary donations are needed right now to keep up with the mounting vet and food bills for the kitties.

To donate, visit the VOKRA website. Top Stories

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