Saturday's wicked windstorm in Metro Vancouver threatened to ruin a couple’s dream wedding – but not even the wild weather could stop the bride and groom from tying the knot.

The ceremony at North Vancouver’s Burrard Yacht Club started off pristine until strong winds started tearing through the venue, destroying almost everything that had been set up.

“The tent looked absolutely beautiful – it was the dream wedding for both of us,” said Jay Werner, the groom. “[But then] the far end of the tent just billowed in like a sail and basically took out the two end tables, and we started hearing wine glasses smashing."

Tents were picked up like kites and carried away and a cameraman was even taken to Vancouver General Hospital with a broken wrist.

Video footage shows people picking up the pieces in the aftermath, with tables and chairs strewn across the ground.

“I was ready to just run away,” says the groom. “I said the wedding's off. I just I can't, it's gone. It’s completely gone. It's pretty upsetting to see nine months of work gone in just 60 seconds.”

"It was so stressful because I couldn't be there to help him - we always do everything together,” says bride Quandra Werner. “He called me twice to call off the wedding twice and I put it back on twice!”

But then something amazing happened to counteract the chaos of the storm: Burrard Yacht Club members and friends of the couple came to the rescue.

They ended up crowding 120 people into the clubhouse to say their vows in an emotional makeshift ceremony. People were even cooking food in their boat ovens because there was no power, adds the groom.

“The only thing I wanted to do was see his face,” says his new wife. “The place was so full of love, it was just unbelievable. As much as the whole day was overwhelming in a negative way, that was overwhelming in the most positive way to just walk in there and see all those people and see they put this together for us."

With files from CTV Vancouver’s Penny Daflos