Our routine health care regime is often focused on scheduling with our family physician, dental check ups and even eye exams. However, when it comes to our communication health we often fail to make it a priority. The month of May marks hearing awareness month. This provides a great opportunity to take your hearing health into your own hands.

Hearing loss is invisible, but there are telltale signs to watch for. Asking others to repeat things often is a major sign. You may also find it challenging hearing the television if there's background noise or trouble hearing someone over the telephone. Hearing loss is something that can occur at any age and for a vast number of reasons. Getting your hearing checked even if you don't suspect an issue is a great way to have a baseline so that future changes while you age can be monitored. NexGen Hearing offers free on site hearing tests. They also provide an online hearing test option that can give you an idea as to whether you should visit a specialist. After your initial baseline test you should get annual testing done once you are 55 years or older.

Should it be determined that you need a hearing aid there are a wide variety of styles and techologies that are available. A NexGen Hearing registered hearing instrument practictioner can help pair you with a hearing aid that suits your individual lifestyle.

In support of Hearing Awareness Month we're giving you a chance to hear what you've been missing. You can win a pair of hearing aids courtesy of NexGen Hearing. For you chance to win enter at CTVVancouver.ca now through May 31st. Complete rules and contest details are available online.