Controversial candidate Donald Trump’s run for president has thousands of Americans taking to social media and promising to move to Canada if the New York billionaire actually wins.

That prompted one entrepreneur to start a website called Maple Match, which promises to “make dating great again” by connecting Americans who want to defect with Canadian love interests.

"I think it's provided a lot of Americans and Canadians the opportunity to maybe think about dating on the other side of the 49th parallel,” says the site’s founder Joe Goldman.

On Vancouver’s seawall, the idea seemed to go over pretty well.

"I think they're going to knock it out of the park probably. There's a lot of single people out there, I guess,” said Ray Evenson while out for a stroll.

"From my experience in the past, dating in Vancouver can be challenging, so maybe that is an option for somebody,” added Katheryn Stewart, while sitting at Sunset Beach.

The mere thought of a Trump presidency has already scared thousands of Americans into signing up for the site.

But even if some of them are lucky enough to meet their perfect partner, they’ll soon find out it takes more than a few clicks of a mouse to actually immigrate to Canada.

"They'll ask questions on the form: where did you meet? Maple Match. That sort of leads to the question, what was the primary purpose of the relationship when you got married? Was it to be with that person or was it to immigrate to Canada, which is a grounds for refusal," said Vancouver immigration lawyer Rudolph Kischer.

But Goldman expects his clients to actually fall in love before making the move.

"We're confident that the people who sign up for Maple Match, meet someone and fall in love, are prepared to meet those challenges,” he said.

A Trump win is far from certain, which is fine with Vancouver partners Sandra Maxson and Terry Harrison.

“We’re already maple-matched,” said Maxson.

“And we hope that Donald Trump doesn’t win for any number of reasons,” added Harrison.

The site’s founder says 20,000 Americans and 5,000 Canadians have already signed up and the match making will begin if Trump wins in November.