Spring is officially here so you might be itching for new clothes, but before you hit the stores --shop your closet.

Laurie Sokoluk is bringing some clothes from her closet to Changes Clothing boutique, a consignment clothing store in Vancouver. Laurie is not selling the clothes, she's looking for advice on how to use what she's got to create new looks. It's part of a free service at Changes called "Diva Den".

"Okay, tell me about this one that's just wild," asks Changes' Emma Pritchard pointing to a purple geometric blouse. Laurie loves it but isn't sure how to wear it.

You can create new combinations at home. Go into your closet and start with what you love.

"People will get caught on wearing what they bought," explains Changes' owner Rhonda Davis.

So, if they bought a shirt with a pair of pants, that's how they wear it: together. So hold up that pair of pants and really run it along your wardrobe. You'll see 'Wow it actually goes with quite a few of my other things here!'"

That's how you freshen your look without spending money. If you don't do that -- you may end up buying the same things over and over again.

"If you are not spending that money wisely and making all the pieces work together, you are spending more than you need to and I think you are kidding yourself and still waking up Monday morning not liking anything you have," says Rhonda.

Laurie's trying out the new looks and likes what she sees. A metallic top she loves is jazzed up with a jacket and suddenly she has a look that could be worn to the office or out at night. A little bit of jewelry completes the ensemble.

Remember that wild top? It doesn't work with a skirt of Laurie's, but with a pair of jeans it's just right.

"That's a great casual Friday outfit for work," suggests Emma.

"She's taken maybe four pieces from her wardrobe and we've added one and she has probably three new looks from that and so that's the way to save money and that's the way to fall in love again with your own wardrobe," explains Rhonda.

Keep in mind, retail-therapy shopping for emotional reasons makes for a very sick budget. This might be the year to really track what you spend on clothes. Many people spend far more than they think they do.

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Chris Olsen