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FortisBC bills set to drop starting April 1

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B.C. natural gas users will soon see their bills decrease.

FortisBC announced last week that it has received approval from the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) to reduce the amount it charges for gas next quarter.

Beginning April 1, FortisBC will charge $4.159 per gigajoule for gas, a $1 decrease from the current rate of $5.159.

The new price will be in effect through June 30. FortisBC updates its gas prices quarterly, with BCUC approval, to reflect the cost of acquiring natural gas at market-based prices.

The company says it "flows the cost of gas directly to customers," meaning customers pay whatever FortisBC pays.

Monthly gas bills include the cost of natural gas used, plus a daily or monthly basic charge, delivery charges, storage and transport charges and other fees.

FortisBC estimates that the average customer in the Lower Mainland will see their monthly bill decrease by $7.50, roughly seven per cent, as a result of the lower gas charge. Actual savings could be greater or smaller depending on usage.

Customers in Fort Nelson in the province's northeast will see their bills decrease by $10.40, or about nine per cent, on average, FortisBC says.

"The cost of gas rate decrease will undoubtedly be welcomed and provide some relief to our customers on their gas bills especially at a time when other living expenses are high," says Joe Mazza, vice-president, energy supply and resource development at FortisBC, in a news release.

“Even with the cost of gas decreasing, we understand energy costs are an important consideration in household budgets and we are always here to support our customers if they need it.” Top Stories

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