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'A nightmare': Buyer describes purchase of electric vehicle from Surrey dealership


A brand new Ford Mustang Mach-E that a Metro Vancouver man ordered from a dealership in Surrey seems to have vanished.

The purchase agreement was written up in July 2022 by a salesman at Dams Ford Lincoln on the Langley Bypass, for $70,400, plus tax.

Buyer Ryan Lopez was told the car would take several months to build and be delivered, something Lopez was fine with, because he expected a long wait for an electric vehicle.

But he became frustrated when he called the dealer for an update several weeks later.

“They couldn’t find any history of my car being ordered," said Lopez. “They couldn’t find me in the system, nothing."

Lopez said that’s when he called Ford Canada, and they confirmed the Mustang had been ordered, and it would be ready at the end of December.

He was even able to monitor its progress online.

When Lopez saw that the electric vehicle had been delivered, he called Dams Ford Lincoln again, and an attendant answered.

“He said, 'Yeah I can see your car, I can see the VIN number, everything. It’s on our lot right now,'” recounted Lopez.

Yet a few days later, the dealership said it didn’t have the vehicle, and didn’t know where it was.

But the dealer did offer to show him some other cars for sale.

The price of a similar Mustang Mach-E has increased nearly $10,000 since Lopez made the order, and he would appreciate credit for the difference in price from the manufacturer and the dealer.

“What was supposed to be a happy experience has just been a nightmare,” said Lopez.

In a letter to Lopez, Ford Canada writes that since this was a private sale, there is little it can do, adding that the company “regret(s) any frustration or inconvenience."

CTV News has reached out to Dams Ford Lincoln and Ford Canada for comment. This story will be updated if a response is received. Top Stories

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