WHISTLER, B.C. -- Vancouver Coastal Health officials are warning of a measles outbreak in Whistler and Pemberton, B.C., and they're urging everyone who is not protected to get vaccinated.

Four cases have been verified so far and Medical Health Officer Dr. Paul Martiquet says the highly contagious infection can spread by just being in the same room with someone who has the disease.

Officials recommend vaccinations for any adult or child over one year of age who may not have received the two necessary doses.

Anyone who has had already had the infection is immune and officials say adults born before 1970 are likely to be immune.

Officials say that one in every 3,000 Canadians with measles dies of the infection.

The four cases of the measles in Whistler and Pemberton are in addition to three cases that health officials identified on Bowen Island and the North Shore at the end of June.