A free Vancouver-based website that’s offering cash prizes is being flagged by the Better Business Bureau for failing to deliver the winnings.  

The website, todaysdraw.com, offers “a free luxury giveaway every day,” just by liking and sharing the company’s links on Facebook.

According to the bureau, they’ve received numerous complaints over the past 36 months from so-called winners who say they never receive their prize.

“We're hearing they enter a draw, they've won and they haven't received what they've won even after numerous requests to the company to deliver,” said BBB President Danielle Primrose.

TodaysDraw subscriber Natasha Peiskar thought she had $8000 coming her way when she won the top prize on the site last summer.

The 27-year-old SFU student posed for a promotional photo with the cheque in July, but said she was asked not to cash it until the company could “smooth some of the transactions out with the sponsor.”

In August she was given an even larger cheque than promised, which bounced when she tried to cash it.

“At this point I probably knew I wasn’t going to get anything without a big fight,” said Peiskar. 

Eventually, the company stopped returning her phone calls and removed the promotional photo of her with her cheque from the website.

Primrose said the company’s technique is called “like farming.”

“They want to build up their credibility and use you as a referral system for them, which doesn’t cost them anything,” she said.

An email from TodaysDeal founder Mark Stewart told CTV News the website is not currently in operation, citing money problems.

“Unfortunately due to lack of funding [TodaysDraw] had to cancel its services. The website is being held by a digital company overseas as a stagnant site right now,” Stewart said in the email.

Peiskar said she’s still receiving daily emails.  As for the website, it was listing winners as early as yesterday.

With a report by CTV British Columbia’s Shannon Paterson