A kayaker’s wild run down a drainage ditch near the Sea-to-Sky highway is making waves online.

Ben Marr, who lives in Ontario but works in B.C. and Alberta, strapped a GoPro camera to his head a few weeks ago before taking the plunge down the concrete slide in Lions Bay.

The 27-year-old said the slide – built as a preventative measure against rockslides – is a legend among kayakers.

“It’s purely just a good time. It’s super fun,” he told CTV News. “It’s like out-of-control tobogganing or crazy carpeting or something.”

Marr dropped in to the slide with his kayak about 175-metres above sea level – and nearly a kilometer from the bottom.

“It’s intimidating-looking, but it’s not as dangerous as you might think,” he said.

The resulting video has gone viral on Facebook – garnering more than 2,762 shares and 1,369 as of Friday since it was posted on Marr’s profile Sept. 30.

He said he was shocked at the surge of interest in his daring stunt.

“As I posted it I was pretty confident that it would the most popular of my posts to date on my Facebook page, but it’s gone far beyond that,” he said.

Marr, a professional kayaker, said he’s not worried those with less ability than him will attempt the dangerous-looking feat after seeing the video.

“I don’t think people are gonna jump on there without having the skills necessary to make it down safely,” he said. “I’ve met some people…they’ve taken crazy carpets down. Not [for] a very long stretch, just at the very bottom.”

Marr said he travels to B.C. often and will definitely be attempting the slide again.