Police, ICBC and the Ministry of Transportation all agree that driving at night, especially in the fall and winter months, can be dangerous.

One of the biggest problems is that road lines can become almost invisible in dark, rainy conditions. A simple fix is the tiny reflective squares known as “cat’s eyes,” which cost about $5 a piece, including installation.

B.C.’s Municipal Traffic Signal and Marking Manual calls for the squares to be placed every six metres on roads – but the law doesn’t require municipalities to follow the guidelines.

Cities such as Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver use reflectors on curves, but not on straight streets that are lit.

Local and provincial authorities say they take complaints about risky road conditions seriously, so if you notice an area where you can’t see road lines in the dark and want it fixed, these links and phone numbers can point you in the right direction:

Phone: 604-864-5514
Link to additional city contact numbers

Phone: 604-294-7460
Email: engineering@burnaby.ca
Link to additional engineering contacts

Phone: 604-946-3260
Service request form
Link to addtional service request contacts

Service request form

Phone: 250-469-8600
Service request form

North Vancouver
Phone: 604 987 7155
Email: eng@cnv.org
Link to additional city contact numbers

Prince George
Email: servicecentre@city.pg.bc.ca
City hazard reporting website

Phone: 604-244-1262
Link to road and construction contacts

Phone: 604-591-4152
Link to non-emergency reporting website

Phone: 311 (or 604-873-7000)
Link to problem reporting website

Service request form

West Vancouver
Phone: 604-925-7100
Service request form

White Rock
Phone: 604-541-2181
Link to hazard reporting website