Under two per cent of consumers respond to unaddressed mail. Here's how you can stop unaddressed advertisements like free samples, coupons, flyers and newspapers from showing up where you live.

Canada Post advises customers to tape a "No Junk Mail" sign on or in your mailbox or mail slot to stop receiving unaddressed advertisements.

"The only unaddressed materials that we will continue to deliver are some community newspapers, as well as mailings from the House of Commons, provincial chief electoral officers, municipal electoral offices and Elections Canada," Canada Post's website reads.

If you have a community mailbox, group mailbox or a postal box, place the note on the inside lip of the box. The note should not be placed on the inside or the outside of the door.

For large condos, a coloured dot is put on the inside of the mailbox, said spokesperson John Graham.

"The information goes back to the depot and then they put it in the sorting case as a reminder," he told Steele on Your Side in an email.

"You have to indicate on your mailbox, then we'll leave you a note and you'll no longer get that correspondence."

If your note or dot is ignored, there's a letter you can download though the Red Dot Campaign, a privately funded social marketing campaign, to send in to your local Canada Post outlet.

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You can also call 1-866-607-6301 if your note is ignored.

Graham said Canada Post is required by law to deliver any mail that has your address on it, and that includes some pieces of ad material.

Canada Post is just one of many distributors of ad mail, so you still may receive some other unwanted paper from other distributors.

Another step concerned consumers can take is signing up with the Canadian Marketing Association's "Do Not Contact" registry, which also reduces the marketing offers you get by telephone or fax.

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Canada Post also offers an E-Post service that saves even more paper by allowing you to receive your bills online.

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Only six per cent of Canadians don't want to receive ad mail, according to Canada Post.

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