A Good Samaritan who watched a hit and run victim die early Sunday morning on the Fraser Highway is calling on the driver to come forward.

The male pedestrian was struck near 168th Street shortly before 1 a.m. by an eastbound vehicle, which then fled the scene.

Tim Szabo and his cousin were driving on the highway when they saw him lying on the road. They stopped their car immediately and rushed into traffic to help.

"I got down on the ground with him," Szabo said. "I was talking to him, telling him help was on the way, trying to console him."

A 911 operator told Szabo to check his breathing and perform CPR, but it wasn't enough. The unidentified man died on the highway.

Surrey RCMP are still trying to piece together what happened. They do not have a suspect vehicle description yet, but say it may have damaged headlights.

They believe the victim was on a bus shortly before the accident, and that there was an altercation on board.

TransLink spokesman Derek Zabel confirmed there was a fight, and that one of the people involved smashed a window on the back door of the bus.

"It kind of got spider cracked, all the way up to the top. The operator then opened up the doors, one assailant left and went running down the street," Zabel said.

It's not clear whether the victim was the same man who kicked the door.

Szabo says he is haunted by what he saw, and can't stop wondering what kind of person would hit someone and leave them dying on the road.

"It's absolutely terrible to consider another human being as garbage," he said. "If they had stopped, they could've called 911. They could've possible saved his life."

"I hope whoever did it has enough courage to just turn themselves in and give this family closure."

Anyone with information about the accident is asked to contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.