Every British Columbian will receive a $100 cheque this week from the provincial government -- even the children.

But if you haven't registered your children for a federal program, you won't get your kid's cheque for B.C.'s Climate Action Dividend in the mail.

"I didn't even know he could get it," said one B.C. resident to CTV News.

Some 3.9 million cheques will be mailed out through Canada Post this week, arriving at B.C. homes by the end of June.

That's nearly $400 million of government money given to people in this province that the government says you should use to reduce your carbon footprint.

But the government is using the provincial tax rolls to send out cheques -- and because children don't pay taxes, they aren't on the list.

So the provincial government is using the Canada Child Tax Benefit to identify the children.

If your kids are registered in that federal program, they don't need to apply separately.

If your kids aren't registered, you have to do some paperwork -- and then you'll get a cheque in the next mailout.

The government is even trying to keep track of those who don't pay taxes.

"We have outreach workers working with homeless people and others who need assistance," said Small Business and Revenue Minister Rick Thorpe.

The provincial government says that British Columbians can use the money any way they want.

But many people CTV News talked to said they were more likely to spend it on something immediate.

"I'll pay my visa bill, for sure," said one person.

"I'd spend the day at the bar," said another.

With reports from CTV British Columbia's Shannon Paterson and St. John Alexander