A major undercover investigation in Kelowna has led to dozens of arrests and nearly 50 counts of drug trafficking charges being considered.

RCMP say the undercover operation, which took place in May and June, led to charges being considered against 32 targets. More arrests are expected to be made this week. 

They allege that purchases of fentanyl, cocaine and methamphetamine were made during the project. 

"Identifying those persons responsible for the sale and distribution of illicit and dangerous drugs on our streets is a high priority for the Kelowna RCMP," said Sgt. Greg Woodcox in a news release. 

"Our front line will continue to take actions in an effort to reduce the supply of deadly illicit substances being trafficked in our community, and take steps to identify suppliers both locally and regionally."

Last year, undercover drug operations in Kelowna resulted in 99 individuals being charged with a total of 172 counts of trafficking in a controlled substance, RCMP say. This past Monday, one of last year's accused was sentenced to 42 months in prison for five counts of trafficking.