The grim spectacle of Vancouver coming under siege from rioters is on display around the world as the aftermath of the city's Stanley Cup loss makes major news around the world.

Media outlets like the New York Times and CNN played reports about the chaos prominently on their websites, alongside reports of the Game 7 victory by the Boston Bruins.

"Trouble in Vancouver's Streets After Defeat" topped the lead story in the online sports section of the Times, while the CNN site gave prominent play to fiery video images from downtown.

The Washington Post headline, "Riots erupt in Vancouver after Canucks lose to Bruins," was accompanied by a photo of a fan waving a Canadian flag with a burning pickup truck in the background.

The riot was also noticed in Australia, where the front page of the sports section of the Brisbane Times website displayed photos of the riot under the headline: "Hockey fans hopping mad."

The Sydney Morning Herald also displayed riot photos and the headline: "Violence in Vancouver after Canucks lose Stanley Cup final."

The rioting story was also picked up in India on the website of the Hindustan Times.

Mainstream media outlets were, however, just part of the story.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook were teeming with citizen dispatches from the scene, as well as expressions of disgust from Canadians -- and Canucks fans in particular.

Mayor Gregor Robertson called the rioting "despicable," while NBA star Steve Nash of Victoria, B.C., said, "Vancouver is being embarrassed."

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