Rescue crews and police resumed combing the North Shore mountains for any sign of Carl Couture, a 24-year-old hiker who recently moved to Vancouver from Quebec and went missing while hiking in the Grouse Mountain area.

Couture hasn't been in contact with anyone since Oct. 31, when he was last seen leaving his West End home.

"For us it's all about moving manpower and resources to as many different landing zones as possible," said Mike Danks, the team leader with North Shore Rescue.

Crews were first called around noon on Friday to help locate Couture in the Hanes Valley, which was blanketed in snow earlier this week.

Couture seen on surveillance footage

Investigators discovered Couture had been searching online for hiking trails in the Grouse Mountain area for several days before he went missing. That led them to request surveillance footage from Grouse Mountain Resort.

The footage shows Couture in the resort's chalet around noon on Oct. 31. It's not clear if he used the Grouse Grind or BCMC trail to get up the mountain. The video shows Couture leaving the resort area and heading into the backcountry towards the Hanes Valley Trail.

Now, they believe he could be in the Hanes Valley or Norvan Falls area.

When he left the resort he was dressed in a fleece top, sweat pants and running shoes.

Searching the backcountry for clues

On Friday, NSR shuttled search crews onto the mountain via helicopter. They also used a thermal imaging camera to search the wintry mountains from the air.

"We're really hoping that he's just off trail and still moving around to keep warm," Danks said.

The recent snowfall would have come after Couture began his hike, but search crews haven't seen any footprints so far. They're hoping he stayed below the snowline and out of the elements.

"There's always a chance [that] somebody made a nice shelter and just hunkered down there. We really hope that he has some extra equipment with him," Danks said.

Police describe Couture as 6'2'', white, with short brown hair, brown eyes and glasses.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Alex Turner and files from CTV Vancouver's Ben Miljure