Almost everyone thinks they're a good driver, but the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia says many motorists forced to re-take their learner's test struggle to make the grade.

ICBC driving examination supervisor Chad Pitt said people often fail because they’ve become too comfortable with their own bad driving habits.

“For example, if you’re not coming to complete stops at stop signs,” Pitt said. “When you get asked the question your tendency is to go toward the way you do it as opposed to the way it’s supposed to be.”

Drivers also fail because they don’t read the questions closely enough or haven’t kept up with new or updated driving rules, Pitt added.

CTV British Columbia’s St. John Alexander teamed up with ICBC and the Young Drivers of Canada to assemble the multiple choice questions people most often get wrong.

See if you have what it takes below and then check your answers at the bottom.

1) When the solid line of a double yellow line is on your side, are you allowed to make a left turn?

     A) Yes as long as you are not impeding other traffic
     B) Solid yellow lines only indicate rules for passing
     C) Only drivers on the other side of the road may make a left turn
     D) You are not allowed to turn left

2) A steady red light means:

     A) You must stop unless you are turning right
     B) Stop. After coming to a full stop you may turn right or turn left onto a one-way street unless a sign forbids it
     C) Stop, then proceed when safe
     D) Stop if traffic is approaching

3) If two vehicles arrive at a 4-way stop intersection at the same time and are facing each other:

     A) A vehicle that is going straight through may go first
     B) It is always OK if both vehicles move at the same time
     C) Always wait for the other vehicle to move first
     D) A vehicle that is turning may go first

For more of the most missed questions, watch Part 2 of St. John Alexander’s Take the Road Test series on Tuesday.

Question 1: A. As long as you’re not blocking traffic, you’re free to turn left.
Question 2: B. You can turn right or left onto a one-way street, but only after coming to a full stop.
Question 3: A. Drivers who are turning at a four-way stop must yield.