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Char Kway Teow from Potluck Hawker Eatery

Char Kway Teow

Here's how to make Char Kway Teow from Potluck Hawker Eatery, as featured on CTV Morning Live.

Serves 1 as an individual or 2-3 with accompanying dishes.

Char Kway Teow is a popular street food noodle dish from Malaysia! For a meatless option, you can definitely sub in more prawns or fish cakes, and/or use tofu instead.


1.5 tbsp vegetable oil

300g (about 10.5oz) fresh flat rice noodle

80g (about 1 cup) bean sprouts

20g (half a handful) Chinese chives, chopped 2” (can sub with scallions)

1 pc shallot, sliced

1 tsp minced garlic

1 tsp chili sauce or sambal tumis

1 pc Chinese sausage, sliced thin on a bias (optional) OR used sliced pork

1 pc fish cake, sliced (optional)

4 pc prawns, deveined and deshelled

1 pc egg, beaten

1 tbsp light soy sauce

1 tbsp fish sauce

1 tsp dark soy sauce

1 tsp oyster sauce

1 tsp kecap manis (sweet soy sauce)

Pro Tip: We love the chewiness of tapioca sheets. You can substitute up to half amount for a variety of texture. If you cannot find fresh, you can substitute with dry rice noodles as per instructions on packaging.



1) Combine wet ingredients (light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, ketchup manis, chili sauce). Set aside.

2) Over medium heat in a non-stick wok or pan, stir fry shallot in oil until fragrant and then add minced garlic and prawns.

3) Scramble in the egg. Turn heat to high and add rice noodles, fish cake and sausage. Mix well but be careful to break noodles. Add bean sprouts and continue to cook.

4) Add the sauce and continue to stir fry until caramelized and fragrant. Then add chives and dish onto banana leaves for presentation or on your favorite serving plate. Top Stories

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