Wipe New promises to restore your vehicle to showroom luster, but can a little bottle of the special formula really wipe the years away?

Steele on Your Side put the product to the test in its latest “As Seen on TV” product testing segment.

Lynda Steele went to a Vancouver wrecking yard and chose a 2001 Toyota RAV 4, as a test vehicle,that has seen better days.

Wipe New says it's a colourless nano-polymer formula that can be used on any color surface. But the label warns that vapours are both harmful and flammable.

The product is meant to be used on bumpers, decorative outside panels and vinyl or leather car seats. You are not supposed to use it on the vehicle’s paint or glass.

Steele started by cleaning the vehicle’s bumper and drying it off. Then the headlights were buffed with a special abrasive sponge. After that, the solution was applied and wiped off.

Steele was impressed with the results, but asked an employee at Ralph’s Recycled Auto Parts for a second opinion.  

“That actually does look better and I’ve seen this car myself because I was trying to get parts off it, so yeah it does look a lot better than it was," said Brandon Tutt.

The makers of Wipe New claim it lasts for years, and if it doesn’t, you get your money back, excluding shipping and handling.

A double sized bottle of the Wipe New costs $19.99, plus $15.99 shipping and handling. The package also comes with gloves and wiping cloths, but it’s recommended you wear safety goggles and a mask as well.

Steele on Your Side gives Wipe New 3.5 stars out of 5.

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