A heritage building with a naughty past in Vancouver's West End will soon be torn down to give way to a new high-rise apartment complex.

Vancouver city council voted 6-2 Tuesday night to replace Maxine's Hideaway at 1215 Bidwell Street with a 20-storey rental and market housing unit.

Maxine's Hideaway, a 1900's heritage building, used to operate as a brothel under the guise of a beauty school. City staff say they'll help the company, which now operates as a cabaret, find a new location.

The high-rise will be rental units for the first 60 years and then will be sold at market value. The contested rezoning decision is painful for those who love Maxine's.

"It's more bitter than sweet," owner J.D. Henderson said,

"We love this place. This is a wonderful place. This has a hundred years of memories to this place."

Councillor Ellen Woodsworth voted against the redevelopment, saying there hasn't been enough consultation with the community.

She said the money could be better spent on other projects in the neighbourhood, including fixing up schools and the West End Community Centre -- already in jeopardy because of Park Board funding cuts.

She says despite the loss, she's happy part of the building's heritage front will remain in place.

"I'm glad that we saved the frontage, the facade, if not the interior of Maxine's," she said.

Area residents packed several consultation meetings on the Bidwell project earlier this month, saying the current zoning should stay in place until a proper neighbourhood plan is developed.