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'Breaks my heart': After dazzling the neighbourhood for decades, B.C. couple puts up Christmas decorations for one last time


A Cloverdale, Surrey couple admits they have lost count of how many Christmas lights, ornaments and inflatables they have on their property.

But when the sun goes down and they flick a switch, their home on Jersey Drive is turned into a winter wonderland.

After more than 20 years of dazzling the neighbourhood, and collecting money for charity, the couple said this will be the last time.

“Sad that this is the last year,” said Andrea Bonneteau. “Breaks my heart, it really does.”

Putting on a dazzling display of this magnitude requires an enormous amount of work.

Setting the scene takes a least a month, and the decorations require maintenance and repairs. There is also an impressive hydro bill to pay.

“My husband Dan said that it's gotten too big, and he's getting, I guess, too old,” said Andrea.

She said her husband knew it was time to call it quits, when the couple was up on the roof setting up the lights.

“My ankles are killing me, and I said ‘OK I'm done, this is it,’” admitted Dan.

Their home has become a holiday tradition in the neighbourhood. The lights are left on until 11 p.m., and visitors are invited to walk along the driveway to have a good look.

Dan said many families make a night of it.

“They have people over for dinner, and after dinner they get all dressed up with their coats, and they walk purposely out here,” he explained.

There’s a collection box at the front, and over the years the pair has raised more than $20,000 for charity.

“Just to help out our own little community, because there's a lot of people that can't afford to buy food all month,” said Andrea.

Next year, the couple plans to decorate on a much smaller scale, and will donate the rest of their decorations to friends and family. Top Stories

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