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B.C. woman bombarded by Amazon deliveries she didn't order


Anca Nitu has posted a notice on the front door of her Langley, B.C. home. It reads that she doesn’t want any more deliveries, and it urges UPS not to “abandon packages.”

The sign isn’t working.

Since the beginning of June, more than 50 boxes have been dropped at her doorstep, shipped by people she doesn’t know, from all over North America.

“I called the RCMP because I was freaked out, I didn’t know what was in the packages,” said Nitu.

She has since discovered they are boxes of shoes, sent by people who are trying to return merchandise they bought from companies that sell on Amazon.

Every time she gets rid of the shoes, often by donating the items to Goodwill, even more are delivered.

"Last Friday my husband refused a crate, you know, a crate! It had 10 to 12 packages in it,” she said.

The couple is finding the entire situation frustrating, but to make matters worse, they are also receiving bills in the mail from UPS demanding payment for duty on the items.

So far they add up to more than $300.

“Typically I can’t eat when I’m nervous, and I’m nervous all the time,” Nitu told CTV News. "I talked to my doctor about anxiety and panic attacks, because I didn't know what was happening."

She's been battling with Amazon and UPS, trying to get it to stop.

CTV News contacted Amazon for comment, and they replied with statement that is found on their website.

“If you receive a package or item that you didn't order, check with friends and family or contact customer service to confirm it's not a gift to you,” it reads. “If you confirm that the package addressed to you wasn't ordered by you or anyone you know, report the package online by going to the 'Report Unwanted Package' form.”

Nitu was told that she must complete the form for every package she receives.

UPS has not replied to a request for comment.

Nitu has no idea how her name and address got mixed up in this ordeal, but just before speaking to CTV News Wednesday, yet another box of shoes was delivered. Top Stories

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