The leader of the provincial Green Party was hospitalized last week after being "struck by a sudden onset" of symptoms of an inner ear disorder.

In a statement Monday, the B.C. Greens said Andrew Weaver was diagnosed with labyrinthitis, a condition that affects spatial navigation and balance.

Weaver felt the symptoms shortly before he was to address the Canadian Propane Association B.C. seminar in Langley, the statement said.

He was taken to the Langley Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The party did not say specifically what Weaver experienced, but that symptoms range from vertigo and loss of balance to vomiting and temporary hearing loss.

Weaver thanked hospital staff for being professional and thorough during his time at the facility, and said he appreciated the compassion he was shown by staff and members of the propane association.

Most symptoms last one to three weeks, and Weaver is expected to make a full recovery, the Greens said.

Meanwhile, he's reduced his workload, but said he will continue to meet his obligations to the legislature while recovering.

"My staff and I have also been in contact with Premier Horgan and the CASA Secretariat. I have full confidence in the MLAs Furstenau and Olsen and my staff to continue our important work in my reduced capacity as I will be limiting public events to focus my efforts on important files," Weaver's statement said.

"I am relieved that I am on the way to a full recovery, and that I am not facing a more serious illness. It is important to remember that we must all take time to care for ourselves."