A vandal snuck into a Surrey parkade early Sunday morning, and left a long trail of broken glass behind.

The crook broke car window after car window, and no one is really sure why, because he didn’t steal a thing.

When resident John Paddinge discovered the mess on his way to church, he pulled out his cellphone camera to record the damage.

“Here’s a (Dodge) Challenger, windows smashed. Here’s a van, windows smashed,” he can be heard saying in the video.

Paddinge counted 12 vehicles damaged, but a glass repair team on site told CTV News there were a lot more.

Many of the damaged vehicles are still parked in the garage, next to heaps of broken glass still on the ground.

“I thought it was only my car that got smashed, but my truck got smashed too. That is a $600 deductible that I cannot afford,” said Paddinge.

Surrey Mounties said they are investigating the crime, but admitted they have little to go on.

A security guard tried chasing down a man spotted running from the parkade, but the suspect got away, and so far there are not other witnesses.

“He didn’t take anything, he just did a lot of damage,” said Paddinge, bewildered. “Why? Was this really necessary?”