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Actor Michael J. Fox reacts to honorary degree from B.C. university with humour


A Canadian actor was awarded an honorary degree this week from a Metro Vancouver-based university, and reacted, unsurprisingly, with humour.

Michael J. Fox was given a degree from Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology.

In a video message to the Class of 2021, he said he really didn't deserve it.

"I'm a high school dropout, and the closest I ever got to Simon Fraser University was parking at the lookout with my girlfriend on a Saturday night," he joked.

He also teased the class, saying they picked a "really bad time to graduate."

Fox warned them that the road ahead would be challenging, but "we need people to travel that road and take us in new directions."

The school wrote that the award-winning TV and film actor is a "tireless advocate in the fight to cure Parkinson's disease" through his foundation.

Fox, who has Parkinson's, has spoken openly about his diagnosis and the associated challenges.

The disease is progressive and affects movement, often beginning with tremors. It affects people differently, but memory problems, depression, constipation, stiffness, slowness and balance problems are all possible.,

According to his foundation, more than six million people are living with Parkinson's worldwide. The charity aims to raise money, encourage people to participate in research and advocate for those with the disease.

Fox was one of 13 people who received or will recieve an honourary degree from SFU this year. Top Stories

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