The ex-husband of Kimberly Ruth Noyes, the woman charged in connection with the death of a 12-year-old Autistic boy in Grand Forks, B.C., says the health care community failed her by not adequately addressing her problems.

"I blame it all on mental health," Noyes' ex Stacy Burnett told CTV News. "They backtrack, and say they were doing all they could, but you know, they could have done more."

John Fulton's body was found in Noyes' apartment on Monday night, two days after he was reported missing. RCMP say the cause of death has not been determined.

Noyes was taken into custody on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, the mother of three was charged with second-degree murder.

The RCMP has confirmed Noyes suffers from bipolar disorder, and neighbours say the 42-year-old, who was recently divorced, had become depressed and despondent in recent months - mostly staying inside and not answering the door.

Mental health advocate Rudy Small says services may be limited in small communities - but a bigger challenge may be getting people to use them.

"One of the issues is stigma," Small said. "People in small areas where they are known by everyone, they don't want to break that confidentiality and highlight the fact that they need help."

Grand Forks mayor Brian Taylor says the tragedy has shaken up their tight-knit community. Friends and family turned out to a candlelight vigil Tuesday night to show support over the passing of a particularly vulnerable young child.

"It's a loss of innocence for the community," Grand Forks mayor Brian Taylor said. "The mothers are nervous about letting their kids out of their sight."

Neighbours described Fulton as a happy, upbeat kid who enjoyed playing with the other children in the complex. He was looking forward to entering Grade 8 in the fall.

Anyone with information about the investigation is asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

With files from The Canadian Press and a report from CTV British Columbia's Kent Molgat