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5 Smart and Safe Ways to Have Fun in the Sun with Sherri French


The summer season is upon us and children are now enjoying their summer holidays.

Lifestyle and parenting expert Sherri French joined CTV Morning Live with five smart and safe ways to have fun in the sun as a family.

Sun protection: Before getting outdoors to create summer memories it is important for the entire family to make sure their skin is protected. French recommends Banana Boat to get the entire family covered from head to toe with its new Daily Protect Sunscreen and Kids Sunscreen Lotion. It is available in SPF 30 and 50+ and offers a lightweight and breathable formula.

Reuse broken sidewalk chalk: Kids love to decorate driveways and sidewalks with chalk creations. Many parents know broken pieces of sidewalk chalk are most likely lying around. Instead of adding these to the garbage as waste, French recommends reusing them. Parents can break the pieces into a powder by using a rolling pin. Pour the powder into small cups and add water. Mix the water and powder until it forms a paint. Give the kids some brushes and they can paint on the driveway or sidewalk.

Keep it clean: All the outdoor fun can get messy. French recommends using Dove Kids Care and its line of bubble bath and body wash. The formula is designed with delicate skin in mind. The products are made with fun scents like cotton candy and coconut cookie. Dove aims to raise self-esteem in kids. The bottles feature positive affirmations. They also offer a QR code that leads to interactive tools and evidence-based guidance for parents to raise self-esteem.

Fire up the BBQ: Barbecuing is a classic summer tradition. Many people are seeking plant-based alternatives to the traditional hamburger. French recommends trying Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Burgers. These 1/4-pound patties can be thrown on the grill and offer 19 grams of protein.

Make a meaningful memory: It's important to keep the outdoor space that is enjoyed clean. French suggests families join the GLAD For Change Movement that is running until the end of August. GLAD is calling on Canadians to pick up at least 50 pieces of litter. This is a great activity to do with the family as it provides a teachable moment for kids.

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