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31-game suspension for B.C. junior hockey player who choked opposing goalie


A B.C. junior hockey player who choked and seriously injured the opposing team's goalie during an on-ice brawl has been suspended for 31 games.

A decision on "supplementary discipline" for forward Eithan Grishin, who plays for the Richmond Sockeyes, was posted online by the Pacific Junior Hockey League Tuesday and follows an investigation into the Jan. 25 incident.

On that day, the Sockeyes were playing the North Van Wolf Pack. Video appears to show Wolf Pack goalie Evan Paul being clutched around his neck by another player, then dropping to the ice – nearly motionless.

The decision on discipline was upheld by the commissioner on appeal, the online update notes.

"The league considers this investigation to be completed and will have no further comment," the statement concludes.

Former player denounces fighting

Dr. Scott Ramsay is a former Western Hockey League player who said he was involved in about 70 fights in his career, resulting in multiple concussions.

He eventually retired after a string of debilitating head injuries and has since dedicated his life to addressing the issue.

Over the past decade, he's worked as a nurse in an outpatient neurology clinic and just recently graduated from the University of British Columbia with a PhD in nursing.

“The vast majority of people who play at that level aren’t going to go on to an NHL career and so there’s no need to put them in those situations where such incidents can transpire by someone getting carried away,” said Ramsay.

“I have a hard time, especially at a junior level, that these kids, we put them at risk like this when we could take preventative measures.”

The North Van Wolf Pack says the 31 game penalty sends a message to all teams that there are consequences for actions outside normal bounds.

Grishin was previously suspended for 13 games in November of 2023 for multiple infractions including "physical harassment of an official," according to the league's website. He was also suspended for three games for slashing in September of last year. His most recent suspension includes a six-game penalty for being what the league categorizes as a "repeat offender." Top Stories

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