Q: What is CTV Vancouver's contact information?
Our call letters are CIVT and our studios are in located in the former main branch of the Vancouver Public Library, Old Main Library building located in the heart of downtown at Robson & Burrard.
Suite 500, 969 Robson Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 1X5
Main switchboard: 1-604-608-2868

Q: How do I contact my favourite on-air personalities?
Contact our promotions department at 604-608-2868.

Q: I love Chopper 9! Do you offer rides to the public?
Sorry but even our anchors do not get to have rides.

Q: Can I rent your Live Trucks as picture vehicles for movies/film shoot?
We have in the past, with some restrictions. Contact David Seemann at David.Seemann@bellmedia.ca for details.

Q: I would love to work at CTV. How can I find out about any jobs?
All open positions at CTV Vancouver, or any other properties of BellMedia can be viewed by clicking on "Careers" at the bottom of our home page. Send resumes to bcjobs@ctv.ca at any time for part-time or freelance work. Please note a demo tape must accompany all applications for Reporter, ENG Camera, or Graphic Artist.

Q: Do you offer internships to journalism students?
Absolutely, in fact some of the anchors and reporters you see today were once interns at CTV Vancouver. On the CONTACT US page, you will find the link to our online Intern Application. Fill in the application, and then email or fax your application directly to our Intern Coordinator.
News internships are unpaid, a maximum of three months in duration, and are offered to individuals who have a Broadcast Journalism background. Primarily we seek those who are pursuing a career in TV news and have completed, or are currently enrolled in reputable journalism courses for large market newsrooms. Interns should possess skills pertaining to the development of TV news reporting, writing, and research. We do not offer Production internships.

Q: Can CTV come out to our event to do a weather remote?
You can submit your information or media releases to bcweather@ctv.ca. Please submit them at least 4-6 weeks in advance.

Q: How do I enter a CTV Vancouver Contest?
To enter a contest: You must be legal age and resident of British Columbia to win a prize. Please read the full contest rules and regulations that is part of the individual contest.

You must have not won a prize with Bell Media in the past 30 days. If you have won, you must wait after 30 days to be eligible to win again.

If a clue (code word or phrase) is requested as part of the entry submission information, either through online, phone-in or mail-in contest, please note: A clue will not be provided by contacting CTV. You must watch CTV in order to obtain the clue.

Q: Where can I pick up my prizing, if I'm the eligible contest winner?
Contest winner(s) must pick up their prizing at CTV Vancouver (Reception) Suite 500, 969 Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C. between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM (PST) Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays and weekends.

If the eligible contest winner(s) is not able to pick their prizing, please call Reception to make further arrangements at 604-608-2868.

Q: I have a question about CTV Contests, where do I contact?
Question about a CTV Vancouver contest: bccontest@ctv.ca
Question about a Canada AM, eTalk or CTV National contest: contest@ctv.ca

Q: Can I find local news stories that aired earlier in the week online?
Absolutely -- just type key words into the search box at the top of the page. In addition, many of our feature segments are also displayed online. After a month, those stories will be archived forever on the site. You can also see a long list a stories active on the site by clicking the TOP STORIES link.

Q: The text online is too small; what can I do?
Every story online has some user controls where you can increase the font size to make it bigger or smaller. You can also add comments to stories, link the story to your personal social networking site (like Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Q: Where do I send a news tip/story suggestion?
Email bcassign@ctv.ca. You can also call our assignment desk at 604-609-NEWS. To contact a specific department, (like Steele On Your Side, Sports, Weather, etc.) we've listed them on this page.

Q: Can I advertise my company on your website?
We would love to talk to you! Contact Kevin Crosson, our Digital Account Executive at 604-871-2932.

Q: I have an event that I would like CTV to sponsor, how do I do that?
CTV Vancouver is proud to support non-for-profit community and charitable organizations across the province.  To submit an event for sponsorship, please complete the form in the Community Calendar web page.  

Please note: due to the large number of submissions, we generally look at your request with a minimum of 3 to 4 months in advance before your event date.

Q: How can find out if I won a contest?
Click on Vancouver Contests and find the specific contest you entered to see if you are a winner. You might have to keep checking throughout the day. Good Luck!

Q: I have a great picture for your photo gallery, how do I send this in?
Email bcphotos@ctv.ca along with a brief description of where the photo was taken and who snapped it. It should be in the .jpg file format and be under 1MB in size.

Q: Can I send a community event/public service announcement?
If you would like your not-for-profit organization to be considered for broadcast in our PSA air time please forward a copy of your produced PSA in Digital Beta or Beta SP format with the air date and Telecaster PSA approval number to:

CTV Vancouver
Suite 500, 969 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1X5
Attention: Public Service Department

Airing of these spots are random, not guaranteed, and no proof of performance will be provided.

Q: Can we link our website to your website?
We love having online friends, just send your request to bcwebmaster@ctv.ca and include your website address, contact information, and reasons for wanting the link. 

Q: Where do I find that website you mentioned on your evening newscast?
You can click on the related story and the website will be listed on that page under the website links box. 

Q: I saw some typos online; how can I report this?
Oopps. Sori abut thhat, (Actually, we take grammar and spelling mistakes seriously. Email bconline@ctv.ca and watch how fast those mistakes are corrected.)

Q: On what channels can I find CTV Vancouver?
Channel 9 throughout the Lower Mainland on basic cable and Telus TV. We are also on Bell TV channel 250 standard digital and 806 High Definition. On Shaw Cable System High Definition, we are on channel 210 and Delta Cable System channel 177. On Shaw Direct, we are on channel 321. Click on How To Find Us for a full list of channels in Vancouver.

Q: Can I get a transcript and/or a DVD of a newscast?
Transcripts and copies of original CTV Vancouver news stories are no longer available for purchase. We do not sell entire newscasts. If you wish to purchase transcripts or copies of news stories that aired,please contact Clancy Breen at 1-877-269-3367, ext. 2467 or van.ca@cision.com for any requests.

Q: Why cancel my favourite show?
There are several reasons: end of the program's relevance; network production cancellation or low viewership.

Q: Why did CTV change the time/day that my favourite program airs?
A change in time or day of when your favourite program airs may be related to a network change, an audience profile adjustment, or a programming conflict with another current CTV show.

Q: How do I obtain copies of programs/episodes that I missed?
CTV does not have the right to redistribute non-CTV owned programming. If you are looking for a copy of a CTV original program such as W5, please forward your request to CTV Archive Sales, 9 Channel Nine Court, Toronto, ON, M1X 4B5 or CTV Archive Sales at 1-800-628-7780.

Q: Will my program/episode be repeated?
From time to time programs and episodes may be repeated. While we understand this may be frustrating for viewers it is important to keep in mind that most prime time series only produce between 22 and 24 episodes per year -- necessitating repeats at some point throughout the season. Repeated episodes also give viewers a chance to catch up on episodes they might have missed. Please check the program list at www.ctv.ca or your TV Listings.

Q. Why does the TV Listing not match with what you aired?
We hate when that happens, just as much as you do. The printing deadlines are often several days out and we were unable to make a late programming change to the print media. For your most current CTV program schedule, please check program list at www.ctv.ca.

Q: How do I turn off a voice on my television that describes the action shown on the program?
What you are hearing is called Descriptive Video (DV). This service is helps visually impaired viewers better understand what is on their screens, similar to closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Descriptive Video can be turned on or off through your television by adjusting the Secondary Audio Program (SAP). You may have to consult your television manual to access this feature.

Q: How do I alert CTV about reception difficulties?
Email bcota@ctv.ca.