The family of a Penticton murder victim is outraged that the man accused in the killing, a retired Mountie and her common-law husband, is living in her home.

Lynn Kalmring, a 55-year-old registered nurse, was shot and killed on Aug. 16 in the home she shared with Keith Gregory Wiens. Wiens has been charged with second-degree murder in her death.

Kalmring's family was left reeling after Wiens was allowed out of jail on $50,000 in bail money earlier this month, and now they're outraged to learn that he's back living in the house where Kalmring was murdered.

"We have no time to even cry because we feel like we have to fight every single day so he doesn't get away with this," her daughter Brandy Cummings told CTV News.

She says she's been told she can't even get into the home to sort out which belongings are her mother's.

"There's things in the home that only we would know are hers, and I don't understand what he would want with them and why he won't give them to us," Cummings said.

Wiens had a date in court Wednesday, but his lawyer Don Skogstad appeared on his behalf. He says Kalmring's family is being accommodated.

"Everything that they want, that belonged to their mother, they're going to get as soon as they can make the arrangements," Skogstad said.

But the family claims Wiens has been making other arrangements, attempting a quick sale of the couple's home in Arizona.

"It's absurd," Cummings said.

Wiens is scheduled to make his next court appearance on Oct. 12. He has yet to enter a plea concerning the murder charge.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Kent Molgat