Warning: This story contains disturbing content

A key piece of evidence at the trial of a Surrey woman charged with second-degree murder in the death of her eight-year-old daughter has now been released by the courts.

In a videotaped police interview, Lisa Batstone told officers with the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team she wanted her daughter Teagan "to sleep with Jesus."

"I wanted to protect her and I just wanted her and I both to be gone and be in heaven," Batstone told Const. Emilie Tousignant.

The little girl was found dead in the back of a car in South Surrey on Dec. 10th, 2014. Prosecutors say the child was smothered early that morning, and Batstone's lawyers aren't disputing that point.

Batstone spoke to police over the course of two hours, discussing her daughter's final moments:

Sgt. Darren Carr: "...how did it happen?"

Batstone: "I smothered her while she was sleeping."

Carr: "You smothered her while she was sleeping?"

Batstone: "In the middle of the night."

Batstone's lawyers have asked the judge to consider a finding of manslaughter instead of second-degree murder.

They argue her mental state at the time was unclear and could have been affected by stress, mental disorders as well as consumption of alcohol and prescription drugs.

The Crown's position is Batstone took deliberate actions and intended to cause death. They argue she was partially motivated by resentment towards her ex-husband, who she references a number of times throughout the police interview.

"I wanted to die and I didn't wanna abandon her and leave her to him," she told Tousignant.

Teagan's father Gabe Batstone testified in December about how he shared custody with his ex-wife, but said communication with her was challenging and sometimes combative.

He told the court how he tried to get temporary custody of Teagan following a suicide attempt by Batstone in 2012, but was unsuccessful.

The judge will deliver her decision in the case on March 22nd.