An RCMP officer’s simple act of kindness has touched thousands of people after an impressed bystander decided to record it and share it online. 

Footage of the unnamed Mountie from Surrey, B.C. driving a woman with a walker home then carrying in her groceries was uploaded to Facebook on Monday, and has since been viewed more than 26,000 times.

The woman in the video, Florence Chartrand, said she had just stepped off the bus with her bags and was preparing to walk the rest of the way uphill when the officer approached.  

“I was getting really tired because I had about 40 pounds on my walker,” said Chartrand, who suffers from osteoporosis.

According to Chartrand, the Mountie pulled up in his cruiser and said, “Excuse me, ma’am – you’re not going to climb that hill, are you?”

The officer then offered to drive her home, which she gratefully accepted.

“He said the reason he pulled me over and asked me for a ride is because his mother uses a walker and he knows how distressing it can be,” Chartrand said.

“I was going to hug him but I didn’t think that would be appropriate, but I did shake his hand.”

Video showing the end of the encounter was captured by Chartrand’s landlord, Gurmail Rai, who said he was initially startled to see an RMCP cruiser pull onto his street.

“You know, when police come to your house, you get scared. You want to see what’s happening,” Rai said.

“The side door opened and Florence was coming out. We though oh, something nice is happening here, so we started shooting it.”

Rai said with all the bad news about gang violence that comes out of Surrey, he wanted to share a gentle moment that portrays another side of his city – something that was clearly appreciated by many people online.

“The officer was so nice, he was helping her so much,” Rai said. “They are like us. They’re human beings.”

The Surrey RCMP detachment said the officer would prefer to remain anonymous, but is honoured by the appreciation for his gesture.

The Mountie also thanked the woman and her landlord, calling them “the reason he does his job,” the RCMP added.