VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver woman has secured a unique title: the world's oldest curling player.

According to Guinness World Records, that distinction is held by Lola Holmes.

At age 102, Holmes "survived the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression and now she's returning as a champion," a post on the record-keeping website from earlier this month says. 

Holmes picked up her first curling rock at age 24, when she was working as a nurse.

She took a break from the sport for a while, but picked it back up again in her 80s, Guinness says.

"She's an excellent shot and she is the first person they choose to be on a team," her teammates told Guinness.

She's a member of the Vancouver Curling Club, playing the lead and curl position in the Ladies Seniors League.

She told Guinness she's in it to win.

"I love to win games with our teams. I am equally unhappy when I lose," the site quotes her as saying.

Despite carpal tunnel syndrome – Holmes needs a stick to help her slide the stone toward the target area – she's still playing, and said she hopes her story reminds the public of the importance of staying active while aging.