One of the last unsung heroes of the Second World War and a trailblazing pioneer is celebrating her 100th birthday this weekend.

North Vancouver's Jaye Edwards was all smiles for her party Friday. She is one of the three remaining female pilots—known as "Attagirls"—who flew planes from the factories to the front lines during the war.

Even though women couldn't go into combat, their skills as pilots were often superior because they had to know how to fly multiple types of aircraft.

And the importance of those accomplishments is not lost on today's aviators, including Canada's most famous astronaut.

"Happy birthday, dear Jaye. Happy 100th birthday to you," Chris Hadfield can be heard singing in a video message to the centenarian.

Hadfield and Edwards now also have another special bond: Hadfield recently learned how to fly a Spitfire, one of the planes Edwards used to ferry more than 75 years ago.