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Thieves caught on camera stealing pet chicken from North Vancouver backyard


A $200 reward is being offered by a North Vancouver family for the safe return of their beloved chicken, Snowflake.

Security footage from several angles shows two young men, with t-shirts wrapped around their heads in an effort to conceal their identities, breaking into a backyard chicken coop around 3:30 a.m. on Saturday.

One of them can be seen timidly reaching towards one of four chickens inside, before making off with Snowflake.

“They carried her out as she was flapping and squawking for her little life,” said owner Lindi Smith.

“I've predator-proofed the coop against raccoons and everything else under the sun, but I never thought that I'd need to protect the girls from people,” she said.

The chickens are older and do not lay eggs anymore. The family considers all of them pets, and that is why they are desperate to get Snowflake back.

“Just like anybody would want a stolen cat or dog home, she's a family member,” said Smith while holding another chicken, named Drizzle, on her lap.

She figures a bet or grad prank might be behind the theft, but she wants the suspects to know how much she misses the chicken.

Even though the matter has been reported to North Vancouver Mounties, Smith hopes Snowflake will reappear safe and sound, just as quickly as she vanished.

Anyone with information about Snowflake’s whereabouts is asked to send an email to Top Stories


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