CTV Consumer reporter Lynda Steele makes her Steele On Your Side debut live on CTV News at Five and Six on Tuesday kicking off a week of consumer stories.

  • Tuesday, June 21
    One boy learns a tough economic lesson when it comes to Visa gift cards. Lynda Steele takes on the bank to get some answers – and breaks down the service fees that come with these cards.

  • Wednesday, June 22
    Do you really know how the HST is affecting your household budget? Steele On Your Side crunches the numbers.

  • Thursday, June 23
    The government says the HST is good for business. Lynda talks to a number of businesses to find out if that's true.

  • Friday, June 24
    Watch CTV News at Five and Six for Steeleworks – Lynda answers your questions about the HST.

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