They might look chaotic, but a pilot project to bring scramble crosswalks back to Vancouver will actually improve safety for road users, the city says.

As a part of the $5.38-million redesign of the 800 Robson Plaza, the city is proposing an all-walk phase at the intersections of Robson and Howe and Robson and Hornby. This would halt all vehicle traffic and allow pedestrians to use the intersection in any direction.

Vancouver engineers recognize their value. If no vehicles are turning, the chance of someone getting hit is reduced significantly.

“This location was a good candidate for a trial due to high pedestrian and turning vehicle volumes,” the city said in a statement to CTV News. The city hopes the new signal operation will improve safety at both intersections.

This is not a new idea for Vancouver as several intersections had scramble phases in the 1950s. More recently, a scramble intersection was implemented in Steveston at No. 1 and Moncton roads.

Scramble crossings are in use in major cities around the world including Toronto, Calgary, New York, Tokyo and London.

“It seems like a credible idea,” said Mike Fay, who was waiting to cross Howe Street Friday. “I’m excited to see if it works.”

The City of Vancouver is still working on a construction timeline