A new Vancouver business is offering up the ultimate picnic experience, without the hassle of shopping, packing and cleaning up.

Picnix is Vancouver’s first and only gourmet picnic service, created by veteran server Simon Pearson-Roach.

"Trying to shop and pack and load everything onto the beach or park for your friends is both wasteful and pretty expensive for the most part," he said.

So Pearson-Roach has done the work for you with a neatly packed picnic lunch made of local and sustainably sourced food, inside a custom designed wooden cart.

The picnic cart unfolds into a pop up private dining table for two in the park.

On the menu is everything from fresh chilled lemonade to organic salads and a decadent dessert for two. The catered picnic costs $80.

"There’s a six course meal, including cheese, charcuterie, all locally sourced, with fresh salads, green salads, noodle salads and a really nice house baked dessert," said Pearson-Roach.

The cutlery, linen and the BPA-free reusable plates and glassware are all included. For a small fee, you can also request bocce balls and other outdoor games.

The gourmet picnic service is available for lunch in Stanley Park or dinner at English Bay.

The picnic unit is yours for three hours and when you're done you simply return the wagon.

Pearson-Roach says the concept is already turning heads.

"People sit down to enjoy a picnic and a lot of people, tourists will come up to them and say, ‘Hey where did you get this? How do you get that? What are you doing?’”

The company is also working on prototypes so you can tow the Picnix unit behind your bike. Pearson-Roach is hoping to have those in action by next summer.