A new special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate alleged offences committed in former solicitor general Kash Heed's campaign office.

Vancouver lawyer Peter Wilson was appointed Friday to replace Terrance Robertson, who resigned the post on Tuesday after it was revealed that both he and his law firm made political donations to the BC Liberals.

According to a press release from the provincial Criminal Justice Branch, Wilson's mandate as special prosecutor will include reviewing the RCMP's report on the investigation into Heed's campaign.

He will also have the power to approve any new charges -- including charges against Heed.

On Monday, Robertson had cleared Heed of all wrongdoing in a police investigation into illegal campaign pamphlets sent out in his riding last year.

Heed's campaign manager Barinder Sall was charged with numerous criminal and Election Act offences in connection to the pamphlets, which contained inflammatory statements about the NDP's platform -- they deemed illegal because they didn't contain required information about who paid for them.

The campaign's financial officer Satpal Johl is facing one Election Act charge.

Heed was reappointed to cabinet on Tuesday. Just hours later, Robertson resigned, revealing his law firm had contributed $1,000 to Heed's 2009 election campaign.

Robertson admitted he knew about the donation when he was appointed special prosecutor but when the RCMP asked him about it, he told them he felt there was no conflict of interest.

Robertson's law firm, Harper Grey LLP, is a regular contributor to the BC Liberal Party, donating $8,500 to the party's 2009 election campaign alone. Robertson individually donated $1,000 to the party in 2009.